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We are a family owned company deeply rooted in our commitment to creating the highest quality potting mixes, soil amendments and fertilizers while using environmentally sound practices.


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Scott Zeramby of Mendocino Agricutural Products

SCOTT ZERAMBY blender • formulator • consultant

Scott Zeramby is an entrepreneur and a well-known consultant to the specialty horticulture industry. He's been passionately gardening for over 35 years while simultaneously working behind the scenes with large scale producers and manufacturers of horticultural supplies helping them to develop products for the hydroponics and home gardening industry.


In 2001 Scott and his wife Tracy Wolfson founded their retail store, Dirt Cheap Landscape Supply in Fort Bragg, Ca. Since then, they have spent the last 13 years supplying their community with the gardening products that reflect their passion for growing food organically and gardening sustainably.

In 2004 Scott launched his first manufacturing business, Mendo Organics whose mission was to manufacture potting soils and compost for other major brands. In 5 years, Mendo Organics supplied nearly 1million bags of coconut-fiber based potting soil to American Agritech/Botanicare helping them to enter the retail potting soil market and to quickly establish themselves as a major potting soil producer.

Through Dirt Cheap, Scott has been instrumental in helping to develop highly productive, sustainable gardens in schools, hospitals and in public and private locations throughout his local community. He has also worked closely with policy makers in California, Colorado and Washington State to help guide public policy towards a more sustainable agriculture model.

His collaborative work on efficiency in hydroponics has achieved a worldwide audience with articles featured in hundreds of newspapers and radio interviews, including the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BloombergView, The Huffington Post, MSNBC and KCBS that have been translated into dozens of languages across the world.

In 2013, Scott and Tracy decided it was time to take their show 'on-the-road'. Their mission has evolved into creating sustainably produced high-performance potting mixes, soil amendments and fertilizers for home gardeners, nurseries and farmers across the world.

Every product that Mendocino Agricultural Products creates is extensively lab and field-tested and many are now in daily use by farmers and gardeners throughout Central and Northern California.


I've been using the Coco Blend since it came out and  find it to be a consistent high performance soil medium. When used with healthy starts and high quality nutrients the resulting produce is A+. In a business flooded with bling-bling propaganda, miracle snake oil  and high-tech gadgetry, there's nothing like consistent product for the serious gardener. For those who want the satisfaction of being responsible for their success having learned from personal experience, I highly recommend Coco Blend.

Woody from Mendocino County, USA

Wow, what a difference a soil makes. Our gardening community had been talking about using more 'fluff' in our mixtures to maximize growth and Mendo Organics Coco Blend really rocked it. To have such a masterful blend of coco coir and organic rice hulls as well as all the amendments delivered to our door made this past season that much easier and more enjoyable. We watched in excitement as our garden rocketed skywards in no time. I am a firm believer in organics and the interwoven systems of the soil food web; Mendo Organics soil blends are on point and we are excited for another great season to come in 2012.

Gabriel La Paz Northern California

After trying many other soil products I have found that Mendocino Agricultural Products are clearly superior. I use CocoBlend exclusively in my commercial nursery and it consistently performs beautifully. All my plants get off to a terrific start and my customers frequently tell me how great the plants look. I also use the Premium Planting Mix for my home vegetable garden planter boxes and I like knowing I don't need to add anything else for an abundant and fertile garden all summer long. I really appreciate the thought that has gone into creating these wonderful products!

Sakina Bush Sakina's Garden & Nursery, Fort Bragg, CA

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